October 10, 2014

I do not have more screenshots from this week. Mostly because I haven’t really been in too many battles lately. Tuesday night I worked on my Polish campaign. I’m at the point in the Deluge questline where I need to gather the nobles together and take back Warsaw. However, I’m not friendly enough with enough of them to get them to join me, so I’m spending a lot of time playing courier, delivering letters back and forth between them to build up my relationships.

Wednesday night I had to play WoW. The patch is next week, and while I am excited about some of the changes, I am sad that some things are being taken out, even if only temporarily. I mean really, I have all these challenge card quests for the Brawlers’ Guild which I’ve been saving because I have no space for the shirts that are the quest rewards. So they are giving me more space but on the same day are taking away the Brawlers’ Guild. Maybe I can defeat them and not turn the quests in until later? I don’t know, but I don’t even feel like trying. And of course, as soon as that patch drops the guild is going to want to start getting everyone together for Mythic. I’m still burned out. I don’t even want to raid right now. I might still not want to raid in a month. Or even two.

So last night I tried to play Mount and Blade and decided to try some of these other things I’ve bought recently instead. I got Empire: Total War. I know I played it some last week but I don’t really remember why it didn’t quite grab me. I know I didn’t really get the battles, which you actually participate in. I also got a package of things by the same publisher, Paragon, that did the Mount and Blade series. In Crusader Kings II I signed on as the Grand Prince of Kiev and managed to get my son married off and a couple of other things before it all went to hell and I lost all of Lithuania.

Then I picked up Europa Universalis IV. I started out in the first section, 1444, leading Poland. This one has missions. You can only do one at a time and it gives you a set of three to choose from. Having a clear goal helped me to understand the game better and have something to be working on, so it was easier to get into it. I got a marriage set with Bohemia followed by an alliance. I got an alliance with Lithuania, which led to the change in government from a feudal monarchy to an elective monarchy. With my new allies at my side, I declared war on the Teutonic Order to take back some territory that the game said should really be mine. I also had to put down a small rebellion in Podolia. They want an independent Ukraine, so .. yeah, sadly, even though I would like that, too, I couldn’t allow it. Anyway, now I just need to take three or four other small areas and then I will be able to form the actual Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth and rule over all of it. I doubt this will supplant Mount and Blade completely, but I think it is something I will keep working on.

I’ll Fight With You But I Am Not Wearing A Wig

October 7, 2014

Last night I played on my Swedish character. So I figured I would post some of them for you.

From a siege, here is Christopher Bjolke.


He’s really not bad looking when he’s not wearing that silly wig.
He only exists in the game.

Next, Simon Grundel-Hemfet.


He was actually a famous Swedish general. (His last name on wiki is spelled Helmfelt).

And of course, King Carl Gustaf.


That would be Charles X Gustav. Gotta be specific so we get the right one. Let’s see, his mother, Catherine, was from the Vasa line, so he’s related to Jan II Kasimir. He became king in 1654, less than a year before the Deluge (known as the Second Northern War in Sweden). I’ve briefly mentioned some things about that war. How embarrassing for the Commonwealth. Greater Poland was given over to King Carl without a fight. Yes, that includes Warsaw. Many of the Commonwealth’s finest troops joined the Swedes, including most of the hussar regiments. Krakov was captured after a 2 month siege, and King Jan went into exile in Silesia. Eventually, though, the Poles woke up and fought back.

In yesterday’s comments, Bocat said my screenshots need more dancing. Well, the only dancing in this game is pretty tough to screenshot. When I knock out an enemy commander, I stand my horse on them and do pirouettes over their body. Last night, I was glued to King Carl’s army when war was declared on the Cossacks. We entered a large battle with three of them versus us and one of the Khan’s men. I … well, I put my lance in the back of Ivan Fedorenko. But I could not bring myself to dance on him. I carefully made sure my horse did NOT step on him and kept telling him how sorry I was. I guess I can fight for another side, but I can’t completely change my loyalties.

Three More Down, Four To Go

October 6, 2014

I made an effort last night to get the rest of the Cossacks done. I did pretty good, I think, getting shots of three of the seven I am missing. I did hang out with two others but wasn’t ever lucky enough to get a screenshot before they got knocked out.

Let’s start with Prokop Shumeiko.


He’s one of the first guys I mentioned here, but it’s taken me this long to get a good shot. He only exists in the game. He carries the banner of Chernihiv (Chernigov) though, which always strikes me as funny because he’s not actually the lord of that city in the game.

Shortly after the battle I got the screenshot in, we assaulted a fortress, and he got shot down before we made it to the ladder. I amused myself by taking screenshots of him unconscious on the ground. Yeah, I’m weird, I know.


Next we have Pavlo Gomon.


I could only find one reference to him outside of Mount and Blade, and it’s just a name in a list of atamans. So it appears that he did actually exist, but we don’t know anything about him.

And, I finally got Bogun!


I believe I have mentioned before that Ivan Bohun did exist and was a close friend of Khmelnytsky. Jurko Bohun in the book and the movie is loosely based on him.

He’s better looking in the movie. Slice and Lyss came to visit me this weekend and I made them watch it. Lyss liked Skrzetuski better. I think she even liked Wolodyjowski better. No doubt those two are both awesome but … I guess I just like bad boys.

Ok, I just need Jalaliy, Sinonos, Vygovsky and Mozyra and I’ll have all of the Cossacks posted.

I Will Never Misspell Andrzej Again

October 3, 2014

Ok, I know you have all been on the edge of your seats ALL WEEK for another post full of Poles. But how about some Lithuanians today? I mean, they are part of the Commonwealth, too, you know!

Prince Boguslav Nesvizhsky


I have no idea what he is prince of. He seems to only exist in the game. I thought maybe he was supposed be Prince Boguslav Radzivill of Lithuania, Janusz’ cousin. I mean, it’s kind of strange to just have a made-up prince surrounded by all of this reality, isn’t it? Then again, he definitely does NOT look anything like Bo Radziwill so … I must be wrong.

Hetman Pavel Sapega


According to the M&B wiki, he is based on Pawel Jan Sapieha. He was Great Hetman of Lithuania after Janusz Radziwill. Oh look, Kiszka was before Radziwill. Too bad I don’t have a shot of him yet, he would have fit into this post very well.

As long as we’re in Lithuania, though, we have to talk about Andrzej Kmicic.


No, he’s not real. But he IS the hero of the second book in Henryk Sienkiewicz’s trilogy, The Deluge (Potop in Polish). I was going to say he’s the Jan Skrzetuski of the second book but, well … first of all, Jan is IN the book, and second of all … his character is not at all like Jan. Well, that’s not quite true, either. He does have Jan’s knightly characteristics, but he also has Bogun’s .. he’s like Jan and Bogun all rolled into one. So he’s got this pure, honorable side … but he’s also got a side that is completely roguish, with a hot temper to go with it. Not to say that Bogun was a complete rogue, because he had his own honorable thoughts and deeds. But you get the idea.

So anyway, in a nutshell, Kmicic is on the side of Radziwill at first when he allies Lithuania with Sweden, because Janusz convinces him that he is doing what is best for the Commonwealth. Kmicic eventually realizes that this is untrue, and he must find a way to both help Poland and restore his name and honor.

I’m only halfway through the book though so don’t tell me what happens! :p


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