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Juggs Deactivated

April 8, 2014

So … Iron Juggernaut. The damage on this fight on heroic is just stupid. I mean seriously stupid. Everything hits for 200-300k, and some of it is random damage that can’t be avoided. If you get hit by more than one thing at a time, you’re done for. I was one of the first to die on every. single. pull. Except this one …


To deal with the incredible amount of damage, we … gosh, I’m almost embarrassed to admit this, but apparently it’s a strategy that has worked for other raids, and hey, he’s dead so … yes, we 4 healed it. I don’t think we would have gotten through it without the extra cooldowns.

In other news … they finally got me. I don’t know why I even bothered to resist, it was inevitable. After raid I always stay in vent and chat. Kash and the tanks were all playing D3 together while I did quests in the Storm Peaks on Giska. They were having so much fun! So I figured, you know, I don’t have to buy the xpac to check out the loot changes. So I logged on. The witch doctor went out and promptly died to the first pack of mobs she saw. Yeah. But I decided the barbarian deserved a chance, too, so I dusted him off as well. The first two mobs he killed dropped upgrades! He is level 35 and was actually on the final quest, so he ended up killing Diablo and getting two legendary drops. Yeah … let’s just say Van logged on to collect his treasure goblin pet before I went to bed.

I blame Lyss! She told me the Crusader is voiced by the same actor as Lor’themar. She tempted me! Evil warlock, you just can’t trust them! :p

Heroic: Galakras

March 26, 2014

Good run last night. We one shot Heroic: Protectors and only wiped once on Immerseus, Norushen, and Sha. That left us plenty of time to pick up where we’d left off last week on Heroic: Galakras. This also took only two pulls.


The fight is not very different for me since I am staying on the ground the whole time. There’s just a lot more damage, although we kept that in check compared to last week. It makes a big difference when there isn’t an army of proto-drakes hurling globs of flame into the raid.

I tried to get everyone to stand still long enough for a screenshot. This was the best I could manage …


Well, the drake is there along with all 10 of us, so hey, it counts! So what if I got the backsides of half the raid, for most of them it’s their better side anyway. :p

So, Juggernaut. Remember how I complained about the movement in Heroic Sha? Um, yeah … I take that back. Eff Juggernaut. We made four pulls on him. We did get him to just over 50% though, even through our flailing, so I don’t think it will take us long. Just need to tweak positioning and cooldowns and we’ll survive.

Break Time

March 19, 2014

Man, how long has it been since we’ve had this kind of post here? It was long-standing tradition in SR … pre-MoP at least. Then pandas came along and people race-changed and/or swapped mains and Lyss, Arv and I were the only belfs left. Fortunately, that is NOT the case in That Guild, where half of the raid is Sin’dorei.

So, we’re on break Monday night between Garrosh pulls, and I dig through my bags for something to pass the time and click on Gokk’lok’s Shell. Schriko sees me, walks over, and uses his too.


Naked belfs, yay! BUT it doesn’t end there. Stickfigure gets in on the fun, dancing between us.


Having fun is definitely a big part of raiding for me. I’m lucky to have a guild that knows how to do that AND kill bosses at the same time. :)

Side note: DKs get a different colour of underwear? How did I not notice this before now?

Heroic Sha

March 7, 2014

So, you know how you all stack up for most of the fight against Sha of Pride, only spreading for two or three select abilities and then stacking again? Yeah, on heroic, notsomuch. There are rifts that you have to run over to close, and they shoot out purple badness until you do. And of course you get a debuff once you close one and can’t do it again for a minute, so pretty much everyone has to do it, you can’t just assign one person for it. Oh and then there’s the banishment thing where you get to run through a maze. No, not like Durumu, more like Pacman, and if one of the sha beasts catches you it’s lights out. So, unlike Protectors or Norushen where the fights aren’t significantly different just turbo-boosted, this one has a lot of new mechanics to deal with.

We had several pulls that were soooooooo close but not quite, but we finally did it.


Afterwards we took our break before starting work on Heroic Galakras. During the break I took a ride around the bay. There are whole fleets out there, and you can explore them all! I think the blood elves did something funky to this one though, because it’s trying to be an airship.


We didn’t get too far on Galakras, mainly because of time constraints … we have some people to gear up, so we want to make sure we have enough time to kill the rest of the bosses this week!


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