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Alt Week: Priest

October 4, 2013

I’ve dabbled a bit with priests. Enough that I had two at max level in Cata.



Rags was the first. He was actually one of the first four characters I rolled, but he was a belf then. He got transferred over when I went to Winterhoof to play Alliance, and got his name changed to be anti-Elgar. I made him look just like Elgar, too.

Elgar, of course, was the GM of the Alliance guild Crits And Giggles, and is still one of my best friends ever.

He messed around with both healing specs, but shadow is really his thing. I mean, there’s nothing *wrong* with priest healing, and I enjoyed both specs. It just never really gelled for me the way paladin did though.

He’s an engineer, so he has fun with his transporter malfunctions.

And he also did one thing no other priest will be able to do again … he got his Benediction/Anathema.


Dyle was rolled to see the new stuff in Tirisfal, Silverpine, and Hillsbrad after the Cata revamp. That project failed miserably when Arv rolled a goblin warrior named Dizzee.

Dizzee and Dyle ran dungeons together all the way up to Northrend, at which point Arv sprinted past me and I stalled out, leaving the old boy to rot in Dalaran for quite some time. But he eventually got leveled. I think he tried to heal a heroic once, but got a terrible group in Stonecore who blamed him when they overpulled and had stuff running everywhere uncontrollably, so he has never healed since then. Now he just goes to the Faire …

although he has leveled up to 87 so he could park at the shrine.


Since he’s 87 he will probably be the priest that gets to 90.

I also have a lowbie, Osler, over on Kargath. He’s around 26.

That’s it for priest week!

Patch Day!

May 21, 2013

I have absolutely nothing to say other than … NEW PETZ!!!!

However, since a one sentence post isn’t really a post, have some screenshots.

No, Mojo! Please don’t eat me. I’m nothing but skin and bones anyway … well, mostly just bones.


Babysitters really do not get paid well enough. Why don’t we have a Union?!?


Fenris Isle is actually quite pretty … when you have the sun in your eyes.


See you after maintenance!

It’s Faire Time!

April 9, 2013

I really love the Darkmoon Faire. Everything about it … the games, the profession quests, the fairegrounds themselves … is such a huge improvement over what it used to be. I have all the pets and mounts, but I still go. I’m working on upgrading heirlooms next, I think.


The timing for this month’s Faire was just perfect for Madorsa, as she moved from Northrend to Cata. Her enchanting leveled right up with no issues, but I got bogged down on the tail end of Northrend tailoring. Seriously, just to get from 410 to 420 so she could do the quest at the Faire to finish it off, each recipe took 9 bolts of cloth from 410 to 415 and a whopping 12 bolts (plus 12 infinite dust of which she has a near-infinite supply) for each frostweave bag to get from 415 to 420. Averry helped out a lot, sending me every scrap of frostweave he could dig out of his alts’ banks, but I still ended up spending a good four hours over the course of three separate farming sessions on Kirgra to get enough to finish it. If I’d had to also get enough to get from 420 to 425 I think I would have had to break something.


And yes, you’re getting screenies of Dyle again because I am so in love with his transmog.

Warglaives of LBR

March 4, 2013

I’m a terrible person. I showed up late for LBR .. when I’m supposed to be one of the persons doing invites! I blame Garrosh.

Anyway, I logged on 10-15 minutes late and whispered Flags … fortunately he was on and had gotten things going. Heck, they already had one boss down in Black Temple. Yay! After a quick glance at the raid makeup, I swapped to Dyle since there were no clothies. We had a warrior, paladin, hunter, and rogue. And my priest. I goofed around in shadow for a few pulls then decided that even though I hadn’t even touched the spec in months, I’d be better off playing with bubbles. That worked out pretty well; I think I did more damage with smite than I was doing as shadow.

I was hoping for some tier, and was not disappointed, as I got both the robe and the shoulders. I also got a cool wand and this other set of shoulders. (Hmm … do I have to have a wand equipped to mog a wand? I guess some of those restrictions change in the patch ya? I might have to check into that.)

We got to the end and that LBR magic kicked in.


Thankfully we had people along who could use it. It looks very good on Surriah, don’t you think?


The other people there are Taoiseach, Hornrook, Dyle (me) and Thunderhuf.

We also hit up SSC and that also went well.

Afterwards I did a bit of traveling to turn in my tokens and put him in a suitable transmog instead of the mishmash of rags he was in. I ended up using the non-tier Blood-Cursed Shoulderpads instead, because I found this Crimson Felt Hat and Barbaric Cloth Robe in his bank and decided it would look awesome, especially with the guild tabard.


It also looks pretty awesome with the umbrella, but I’m not sold on the mace he got in one of the first quests in Pandaria. It matches ok but I don’t really like the style. For now though, it will do. He definitely looks a lot better than he did before!


Hmmm those boots and gloves are all wrong though. Oh well. :p


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