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Better Than a Love Rocket

February 20, 2014

I have mixed feelings about the Big Love Rocket. On the one hand, it’s really super annoying that the drop rate of this is sooooooooooooooooooooooo much worse than that of other holiday mounts. I had multiple toons with Brewfest mounts or the Headless Horseman’s mount long before they went account-bound. Remember the year the Horse dropped like candy? I think I had it on all five of my max level Alliance. But THIS thing … argh!!!

On the other hand, since I have all of those others, I ignore those holidays. Since pretty much everyone and their dog still wants this one, the queue times to get a group for the apothecaries are negligible. Like, I’m talking anywhere from 2-8 minutes …. as a DPS. So even with 10 nineties lining up each night to try for one, it’s only taking me an hour to get them all done (there are tanks and healers mixed in with instaqueues).

Which brings me to my main rant. Even more annoying than the low drop rate. Healers who aren’t healing. They may or may not have a healing spec, but even if they do, they aren’t in it. I stopped queueing as tank on my two least geared tanks because wtf? I have like 410k health, people. I KNOW this thing is easy, but the boomkin who did 30k dps while I nearly died would have been far more effective actually healing me. The first time I queued as dps instead, the tank we got was level 89. Thank the Light the healer we got for that run was actually in a healing spec. It’s a difference of 5 minutes, people! If you’re too lazy to wait 5 minutes in queue as dps, gtfo.

So, to make up for the frustrations of the holiday, I bought this on the AH.


I had a heck of a lot of fun zooming around Stormwind. I haven’t tried picking herbs from it yet. Maybe this weekend … although I need to finish my RaF this weekend, it ends in less than a week! Next week I’ll post a recap of everyone that I leveled.

Blogiversary 5

February 7, 2014

Dear drivers,
Snow on the roads is not an excuse to ignore traffic laws. To the guy who didn’t even slow down for the stop sign on the corner by my house, you are an asshole. The neighbor kids wait for the bus on that corner.

Ok, on to the business at hand. Five years ago today, I wrote my first post….

actually, I don’t really have much else to say about that. How about we look at what I did this week instead?

Heroic Immerseus

So now I’ve downed 2 heroics, without killing Garrosh. Amusing, isn’t it? hehe. The trick on this fight is that the boss gets a buff which puts stacks of a debuff on you, and you spawn adds for each debuff … so the dps has to be careful to only get the amount of stacks that we can deal with, and then get OFF the boss and kill the adds. To do this, we all stack in the large area near the stairs, which means we get a TON of puddles there. Then in the splitting phase, people have to spread to their designated slices quickly enough to handle those adds, then come back in time for the next phase.


Well, we were all feeling so good after killing him, that we had a mammoth party while the raid leader was explaining the differences between normal and heroic for the Protectors fight.


I felt kinda bad for him, it sure seemed like no one was paying attention to him, but he kept right on explaining. We didn’t get it down, but we got some good practice on it and I’m pretty sure we can do it.


RaF Fun

Wednesday night I got my Tauren ladies through Thousand Needles and Tanaris. They’re all ready to go to Un’goro Crater tonight. They had a lot of fun hanging out in the Needles though. Between river boats, water striders, seahorses, and aquatic form, they had many options for dealing with the water.



So I was checking the AH on my Alliance server last night before heading to the Faire. There are always a ton of pets posted there, like 12 pages worth. I saw some things I was considering, like a Rascal-bot that was already level 20 and was under 10k, but then I saw this for only 6800 …


Now I can have Kovok with me wherever I go. He’s so cute!

Alt Week: Paladin

September 24, 2013

I hope you don’t have anything else to do today besides read this. It could run a bit long …


When I first started playing WoW, paladin wasn’t an option for me. I was rolling Horde to play with my friend, and I wasn’t ready to shell out cash for the BC expansion until I was sure I liked the game. The first contact I had with paladins was when Juna hit 70 and the rest of the guild started teaching me about running heroics. Our tank then was a paladin. At the time I was slightly curious about them, but the Death Knight I rolled when Wrath hit filled the ‘I want to play a belf’ longing. There was sometimes a holy paladin in our Naxx runs, though, and that intrigued me much more than the tankadin had. I knew in the back of my head that I would roll one … someday. But I wasn’t ready yet.

I rolled Kerick midway through Wrath, but I was leveling him as ret. There was no LFD yet then, at least, not when he was FIRST rolled. He was still leveling when it was added though. Not that it mattered, I had no real plans for him at that time, I was just having fun leveling. He did things that I would never get to do again, completing the epic charger questline with the help of my good buddy Gromdred before it was removed from the game entirely.

Grom taught me how to ret, but deep in my heart, what I really wanted to do was to be like this guy …

Those of you who knew him, know how much fun it was to be around Hartbane. He made everything more fun. Even spending a year in ICC without killing the stupid Lich King was fun as long as Hart was leading the raid. So I picked up a holy spec when I hit 68 and went to Northrend, and I learned. I *almost* gave it up when the new Cata changes went into effect. It took some getting used to, as paladin was one of the classes that changed the most, with the introduction of Holy Power and all. I know some paladins who completely tossed the class aside and still have not come back to it.

In Cata, my intention was to stick with Karius as my main, like he had been through the majority of Wrath. But, well … healers are in demand, yo. Queue up for LFR and I guarantee, the role you will be waiting on to fill will be healers. So …

Kerick was the main man through Cata. Although, he would have a co-main before the expansion was over, named …


This is totally Lyssi’s fault. Shadow Rising needed some fillers for their raids. I already had my DK over there, he just needed leveling from 80 to 85. No big deal. I leveled him and started out filling in as off tank/dps in BWD/BoT. But, in the background, I had this little paladin that I’d rolled to learn tanking.

Well, as much fun as tanking for SR was, I really, *really* … well, I’m a healer. That’s it. So Van got respecced and leveled almost entirely through LFD. Whereas Kerick had learned healing late, Van learned from the ground up. Even though I’d been healing for awhile now, I feel like I didn’t really know the class as well as I could have until I did that.

As soon as he was leveled and geared enough, he stepped into the SR raids … as a core member. No more fill-ins, I was officially raiding on two different toons in two different factions. We downed Nefarian not long after I made the switch from Arelin to Van.

You guys know the rest of the story pretty much. The Alliance raid never quite got back together for MoP, so Van is *the* main now.

Kerick does LFR with the remnants of the old gang over in Crits though. I have multiple paladin alts besides these two … Kalethos sitting around at 85 on a server I’ll probably never go back to (maybe I’ll transfer him again someday), Rathanos at 52 who IS leveling as prot although not through dungeons, and at least two others at 30 that, well, I don’t know if they’ll ever get played.

Isn’t It Ironic

February 11, 2013

Things You Expect to be Good


Part of the reason I rolled Madorsa on Kargath was to avoid having to worry about being ganked while leveling. All the way up to level 44 she had a fine time just rolling along on her quests without a care in the world. Then … she arrived in the Badlands, where she hooked up with these mercenaries to take on the black dragonflight. She fit right in with them, actually …


Before meeting up with them, she had to put up with the constant warnings in Local Defense that Bloodwatch Post was under attack. Apparently, going around killing the opposing faction’s questgivers is recreation on PvE servers. And it wasn’t even the same toons doing it over and over. What the hell are high level toons doing rolling through the Badlands all the time? Don’t they have enough to keep them busy? Maybe we need moar dailies for them to do. Anything but being asshole griefers killing my questgivers … I’ve never seen this happen on the PvP server. (That was NOT sarcasm btw)

Ok, back to our mercenary crew. The first quest was semi-phased … and by that I mean you don’t see any of the other people that are on it UNTIL they tag the named elite that you’re supposed to kill. And even though the quest completion only requires a kill rather than looting the body … no, you don’t get credit unless YOU are the one who tags it. Yeah … I got to watch that one respawn a half dozen times before I was lucky enough to get the tag in.

Seriously, since when is the Badlands crawling with people? Oh wait … NONE of them, not a single one, are from my realm. Well, that explains it. Thank you so much for CRZ Blizz. But wait! It gets better … (sarcasm alert)

The final quest with the mercenaries includes killing a dozen whelps along with a named dragon. With several people doing the quest at once, the whelp respawn rate is pretty fast. Owait … it’s not us level 45s causing the fast respawn … IT’S THE HIGH LEVEL ASSES WHO ARE KILLING THEM TO GET LEATHER! Yes … really. There was at least one from each faction there. A monk with that spinning crane kick thingymajig can aoe every whelp within a dozen yards … and keep me and everyone else trying to finish their Garrosh-damned quest from tagging any of them. I almost logged off in disgust, but, well, I’d already done that once earlier in the day when two Alliance ganked Van before he could finish off Karr the Darkener. I bet he dropped the freaking pet, too. Ugh, now I’m mad all over again. RAWR.

Things You Expect to be Bad


Love is in the Air. Yay, new necklaces! Well … for Kerick at least. I did the Crown Chemical bosses on Van first just as a warmup. After all, in his gear, I know I have nothing to worry about. Easy peasy so Kerick gets his turn. It also goes smoothly and oh look! The spirit neck drops, and none of the dps or tank need on it. So nice. Hmm … up to 456. Let’s see … I craft some pvp bracers. 458. Oh, I have VP and Golden Lotus rep! Ring .. nope, 459. Sell it back. Shoulders .. 460! We are in business! So, I take the time first to at least reforge stuff, stick a green gem in the shoulders, and of course … transmog all of it. (lol)

Alright, let’s queue this shit up. I halfway wonder why I am bothering but at the same time … well … *shrug*

Queue pops and we zone in. Someone drops food and a mage table and a soulwell. Someone marks the tanks. The main tank … oh fortheloveofallthatisholy … does a READY CHECK. /faint

Ok I could complain that all the dogs were tanked together and there were some unnecessary overloads. But considering that could be my only complaint for the run? Yeah, not complaining.


The group for the second half wasn’t bad either. The tanks weren’t marked and weren’t as solid (the warrior charged right in on Spirit Kings and was promptly flattened, the DK fell through the floor on Elegon) but we cleared the place and no one complained at all. One of the priests asked nicely for everyone to stack up on the guys that stack the turn to stone debuff so he could mass dispel. Most people obliged and trash was handled with no major mishaps.

I walked out of the full run with the cloak off Stone Guard, and the helm off Elegon (with my bonus roll), plus 2 Sigils of Power. Obviously I’m still stuck in Vaults until I get my ilevel to 470, but that’s a great start, and … well, it was kinda fun.

So, to recap …

leveling on the pve server over the weekend = painful
LFR on a Sunday afternoon = fun and easy good time

Did I get sucked into an alternate universe when I wasn’t looking or something? o.O


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