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Progress on Something New

March 31, 2014

I didn’t get any leveling done this weekend. I got sidetracked by something. No, no, not a new game. Not D3 either.

Friday night I was running around with Averry. He wanted to go to MC and BWL, and I decided to take Van because he needs rep and also because the character that Averry was bringing couldn’t use 2 handers and I would cry if Ashkandi dropped when no one could mog it. Averry mentioned that it would be more important to have someone who can use the legendary drops in MC. I sort of scoffed at this. I mean, what are the odds of any of those dropping? I’ve seen one binding in all the years I’ve played. So of course, just to prove me wrong, the Eye of Sulfuras drops.

You can guess what I spent the weekend doing, right? I’m going to have to craft a Sulfuron Hammer to fuse with that Eye in order to get my legendary. So off I went to Wowhead.

I happened to have one Sulfuras Ingot in my guild bank, and Kirgra just happens to have a BS skill of 305, when 300 is needed to learn the pattern for the hammer. I also gathered the 20 gold bars, 10 truesilver bars, and 2 Star Rubies that were needed for her to learn to smelt dark iron. This all required two separate trips to BRD however, because I hadn’t even thought about the dark iron until after I went there to get the BS pattern.

So, the hammer requires 8 Sulfuron Ingots, 10 blood of the mountain, 10 Fiery Core, 10 Lava Core, 25 Essence of Fire, 50 Arcanite Bars, and 20 dark iron bars. I remember helping Hartbane gather these things way back when. Well, now it is my turn.

In one run through MC, Kirgra gathered all of the cores and essences. Those are the easy part. She got enough dark iron to craft 7 bars. That is the hard part. It takes 8 ore to make 1 bar. Ouch! And the nodes do not respawn. If I had more than one miner … *eyes Arelin but resists the temptation to transfer him*

Arcanite bars I wasn’t even going to mess around. I bought two stacks of Arcane Crystals and a bunch of Thorium bars on the AH and put Van to work transmuting. You want that hammer you gotta do some of the work, elf! Fortunately, he’s transmute specced, so I only had to buy two extra crystals past the two stacks.

So, what do we have left? Sulfuron Ingots and blood of the mountain. The ingots only drop off of … I should know his name without looking it up after so many runs this weekend. Maybe my brain is blocking it out because I never want to see him again? Oh yeah, Golemagg. Anyway, that’s a chance of getting one per week per character. Thanks to Averry and my many alts, I have 7 already. Blood of the Mountain can be had from mining dark iron nodes, OR can drop off of Molten Giants and Molten Destroyers. I managed to collect 6 of these.

Yes, I actually ran every single alt that is 85+ on Kargath-Norgannon through MC this weekend. Instead of leveling, they were working. AND the route I used to get to Blackrock Mountain was flying up from the Blasted Lands, so I made them all detour to Karazhan and kill Attumen. Obviously the horse didn’t drop or this post would be quite different. Anyway … this still gave me practice on the new classes. AoE practice especially, something I don’t do a lot of when questing (not counting the prot paladin, who pulls as much as he can.) Ok, maybe the balance druid didn’t need AoE practice. The rogue, he just vanished and ran away when he aggroed the packs of core hounds in Magmadar’s room. The shaman learned about fire nova (I didn’t even have it on my bar prior to this.) Adryen found a new respect for the Spinning Crane Kick that all of the other monk players I see use almost to the exclusion of any other abilities. Vorta learned to love Berserk … and hate the long cooldown on it. The prot paladin? Um … he couldn’t kill them. He tanked them all the way through the instance, clear up until Ragnaros died, and then just ran them all to the entrance and escaped out the portal. LOL! It was silly, I know, but I kinda of enjoyed having a wall of drooling monster dogs in my face the whole time. Hey, it gave me nonstop Avenger’s Shield procs! Good times.

Looks Like Spring

March 21, 2014

Actually, no, it doesn’t. It snowed last night. Yeah …

At least in-game it’s always spring somewhere. Van got Norushen’s shield on heroic the other night, and since it’s green and shiny he wanted to show it off. So he has a new transmog. What better place to go green than at the farm?


Last night, finally, after at least three previous sightings of tracks but no bug to show for it, Juna managed to be in just the right place at the right time to capture Glimmer. Of course, the first thing she did was try out the water walking ability.


And yes, this IS three posts in a week. Truly a sign that I am in a good place right now in WoW.

Legendary Downfall

November 18, 2013

Ok, so I had to get oQueue to get the Celestials, and even THEN, it took two groups to do it. Both times I joined the group after Chi-Ji had been defeated. The first group killed the other three then broke up. The second group said they would kill Chi-Ji a second time for those that needed it … I just had to kill the other three a second time and then wait 20 minutes while most of the group left and the new leader re-submitted the group to the addon. It served its purpose, but I’m not really a fan, so I disabled it afterwards. I can always turn it back on when I need it, but in the meantime, I refuse to spam people with that (OQ) broadcast every time I log a character in.

My screenshot didn’t turn out that great. I should have mounted and gotten a better shot.


But there was still one final quest to achieve. Knowing how bad my Saturday LFR groups have been, I was hesitant but queued anyway. Fortunately, other than the initial trash at zone-in, the group was competent enough. We rolled through Blastfuse and Paragons with no problem. I picked up my usual Lucid buff and title during the fight. Good times. We cleared the trash to Garrosh’s room so smoothly, I was honestly looking around for the last set of adds before realizing that they had already been killed. On Garrosh, people handled the adds, dps’ed the mind controls, and finally, he was defeated.


One final screenshot from the dialogue after turning in the last quest, including a nice view of the cape proc .. as well as me finally smacking Wrathion upside his little punk head.


And yes, I did shell out the 7k+ for the dps cloak as well. The proc on THAT is super awesome … not the wings part, the claw flurry part. Very cool.

My First Legendary!

November 5, 2013

I haven’t dropped any cash on Hearthstone beyond the $2.99 for 2 packs needed to score the golden Gelbin Mekkatorque card. So beyond those first two, every pack I’ve opened has been earned through gold from daily quests. Needless to say, I’m opening no more than 2 or 3 packs a week, depending on the quests I get. So to open a legendary was extremely exciting for me. Even better, it’s one that was near the top of my want list .. not necessarily because it does something good, but just because … well, it’s Onyxia!


It might sound weak to flood your board with 1/1 minions, but even those lowly whelps can be deadly in the right situation. I got a chance to experience this firsthand in a match last night. I was in unranked play mode, leveling my shaman deck. I was facing someone playing a mage deck. On the 7 mana turn, I had about five minions on the board, which were wiped out with a Flamestrike. On the 8 mana turn, however, I draw Onyxia. Obviously since she costs 9 mana I can’t play her this turn, but I can start planning. I don’t want to lay down a bunch of things, I want to save room for maximum whelping. I have 7 mana to spend, as I had used something with overload the last turn so one of my crystals was locked down. No problem. I toss out a 6 mana Lord of the Arena. On the next turn, I toss out that Ony and use the Lord to take out the opponent’s taunt minion, leaving him with 1 health. On their turn, they Fireblast my Lord, sheep Ony, and kill a whelp.

Ok, so, going into my turn, I have on my board 1 1/1 sheep, and 4 1/1 whelps. The mage has 2 or 3 minions on the board without a taunt and has 27 health. Now, I’m going to kill them on this turn. THIS is how you turn a few lowly 1/1 whelps into death. I have both Flametongue totems in my hand. I toss one out between the sheep and a whelp, and the other between two other whelps. Now I have 3 3/1 whelps, a 3/1 sheep, and a 1/1 whelp. So I’ve gone from 5 potential damage to 13 potential damage. But wait! I have Bloodlust! NOW I have 3 6/1 whelps, a 6/1 sheep, and a 4/1 whelp. Let’s see here … 6, 12, 18, 24, 28! BAM! I was giddy for the rest of the evening. I just wish I had screenshots of it. Oh well.


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