Raiding Horde: Week 3

Gosh, I originally put the title as week 2. But it’s really week 3, isn’t it? I almost forgot I did dps the first week.

The drake combo this week wasn’t quite as bad, as we have the Nether Scion up with the Storm Rider and Time Warden, instead of the … whatever the drake is that does the MS. Two healers and a tank were going to be late, so we grabbed Lioncourt and as soon as we had two healers in the group, we pulled trash … only a few minutes late, not bad. I got to swap roles this week and tank the boss, while Lion picked up the drakes. I believe we released the Scion and Storm Rider at the same time, as his gear is better than mine and he could take two drakes. He’d never been to BoT before, but his tank skillz are good and we one shot them. I got bracers, yay, less squishy already!

We had some fun times on the gauntlet trash on the stairway. Sorak was doing the flame dudes, and one time it tossed him into the last pack that was left at the bottom of the stairs instead of behind us. Of course, they promptly stomped his little green mail-clad body into a pile of mush and despawned … I holler for everyone to get back to the top of stairs because the whole thing will respawn. We lose a couple people in the ensuing chaos, but we pulled through, and I am still totally LMAO at the sight of Sorak flying down the stairs and going splat.

Twin dragons … last week I went dps. This week, Lion got to go ret. Since I had tanked them over the weekend on Kaly, I had no worries about whether I knew what to do. We one shot them, too. Wewt! They dropped the healing cloak (cry … why you not drop that when I’m healing, huh???)  and a very nice tank trinket with stam and a dodge on-use. Slice had us both link our trinks in raid. Lion has the awesome one off Magmaw, and I had two blues (one of which was the Elementium Dragonling and isn’t exactly a ‘tank’ trinket) so I got that, too. That will help even more, I mean, even all buffed up I was barely hitting 150k health. (Not even geared enough to tank Baradin Hold, right Log???)

Trash leading up to Ascendent Council is mostly uneventful, save for a couple of  epic drops. Lion got the sexy tank shoulders and Zug got a Soul Blade (as if he needed to do even moar dps…I spent half the night taunting stuff off him!)  We make some pulls on them and do a lot of wiping, although we did get them to phase three once. I’ve switched roles on this and am tanking the ice guy. I do enjoy getting to learn each one. Then Zerl has to leave, so we pull Arv in. Now Lion gets to go ret again. More pulls … more wiping .. trash is respawning! Here’s some trash clearing action …

More repair bills, and finally it is time for that magical ‘last pull of the night’. A wipe at 1% is too close to give up on, so we come back, pull the rest of the trash that spawned during our runback (apparently the trash in there does NOT respawn as long as you’ve pulled the boss), and proceed to down them. Hurray!

Here’s a fun shot from our heroic the night before. Yes, more GB. I think it’s the only dungeon on that server.

Boomkin priest ftw! Remind me to whip up a batch of those potions of illusion. Good times.

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2 Responses to “Raiding Horde: Week 3”

  1. Slice213 Says:

    NIce job everyone last night. I was impressed with it being Lion’s 1st night there and totally not knowing anything about the fights lol.

    Grats on becoming less squishy. I think it defintely made a difference.

    and yes, boomkin priests are sexy. :)

  2. koalabear21 Says:

    There is a picture that I posted a while back where there were like 4 or 5 of us that looked like Zarm. This was done right after he won his feather shoulders.

    I have some of those potions in the gbank. I made them on PPP while she was leveling alch.

    I was very impressed with lion last night. He did a great job.

    Yay for shinies!

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