Oh Hi There

Yes, I’m back. I have absolutely nothing to talk about, really. I maxed my archaeology before I left. I even finished off a canopic jar. No mount recipe though.

Wednesday night when I got in I made the rounds to all toons level 20+ and collected their Winter Veil presents. Yes, even toons that I no longer play. Yesterday, before and after a trip to Throne of Tides heroic, I leveled several of my baby toons up to 20 so they could get the present that has the pet in it, too. Yes, I am fully aware that I am addicted to pets. My worgen druid only made it to 18 so she’s on the plan for the weekend, along with my troll druid and tauren warrior. Oh, and my little human hunter got a ghost saber .. and I think my tauren needs one too, so she may be making a little trip deep into Alliance territory to get one .. and a Withers as well.

That’s it. I have a lot of reading to catch up on. Real posting resumes next week. First raid of the expansion and last raid of the year is tonight! And then another on Sunday. Pretty sure that means I’ll have something to write about next week. hehe.

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3 Responses to “Oh Hi There”

  1. Darthregis Says:


    Yeah, haven’t had much to write over the holidays, as well.

    But hooray on getting a Ghost Sabre. I have one on my BElf hunter. Best. Pet. Ever. Although, the lions in Uldum look pretty awesome. Mastiffs also look amazing, but they don’t hold aggro as well as kittiez.

  2. Bart the Halfling Paladin Says:

    Back in civilization? Exciting!

  3. gromdred Says:

    Congrats again on the ghost kitteh!!! They are soo cool.

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