DK Rides

BOTH of my DKs managed to snag new mounts last night.

Arelin found this beauty in his goody bag from Coren Direbrew.

He also ran it a few extra times like usual, still trying to get the dps trinket. It *finally* dropped … and two others rolled need on it. The healer won it. Buddy, you better have an enhance offspec. grrrrrrrrrrr!

Kalyon amassed enough Brewfest tokens to get his Brew of the Month Club membership and had a few left over to get some hops and turn his horse into a ram for an hour. That nabbed him a handful of cheeves.

Yeah, you see that one under Brewmaster there? Elgar was reading the archives earlier this week and pointed out this beauty from a year ago .. ‘Yes, it was kinda fun, but I will likely never do it again.’ AHAHAHAH! This is the second violet I’ve collected since that post, making three total so far. Um .. oops?

What can I say, I enjoy the holiday achievements. By the end of Brewfest, all six 80’s will be Brewmasters. Oh, and Sanbec gained a whole level last night … one more and he can do Direbrew, too. So he’ll probably get the title as well.

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14 Responses to “DK Rides”

  1. gromdred Says:


  2. Arvash Says:

    Congrats, now your 80s can make up a Beerfest team!

  3. repgrind Says:

    Hi Arv! *hugs*

    Yours and mine together would probably be enough to make a football team, eh? xD

  4. Troutwort Says:

    Congrats! I didn’t know about the Kodo on the Barf, I’m mean Belf.

  5. slice213 Says:

    Grats! rep!

    And trout belfs have EPIC hair! Hairspray +1

    And gotta love holiday events..wait i usually dont do them…but bewfest…is the exception! Any holiday involving booze is win!

  6. repgrind Says:

    Trout … do I need to remind you of this?


  7. Troutwort Says:

    OMG, how dare you publicize my Belf! I think actually, OMG, I think he has the same outfit on as Karius in your comment icon.

  8. slice213 Says:

    o.o trout has a belf! /highfive!

  9. repgrind Says:

    Wow I think you’re right! Here’s where the avatar comes from:

    Haha I love the guild chat clip. The origin of Troutwort The Out of Ammo! xD

  10. Troutwort Says:

    Trout of Ammo!! OMG, this is so embarrassing today! Slice, do not listen to anything that she says! I still defend that I made the blood elf to see the BE starting area.

    There will be another BE after Cataclysm because I’ll want to see their new starting quests if there are any. That one will probably be deleted.

  11. repgrind Says:

    I’ve totally been resisting the urge to make a new belf pally on Drak. Once Cata is out though … all bets are off. Crusader Strike at level 10? yes please!

  12. Arvash Says:

    Lol, true, we would have enough for a football team, but I don’t think the other team would be intimidated with seeing “the Patient” over my alt’s heads…”Brewmaster” is soooo much cooler

  13. slice213 Says:

    belf pally football team. count me on. I can cheer lead!

    Trout has a belt!! Rep has da proof in the pie

  14. Gromdred Says:

    Pryncess will cheerlead… Unless the other team is cute… Then she wants to play left tackle :D

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