Hard Mode – Engage!

So, last night was our usual Tuesday Night 10-Man. I thought we had extended the Raid from last week, but it actually turned out to be a fresh run. Once again … I got to learn a new role on Flame Leviathan. So now I have gunned in a Siege, gunned in a Demo, and driven a Demo. Maybe next time I can drive a Siege? Or maybe the bike? Is there an achievement for doing each role at least once, like riding each drake in that Heroic that no one does? brb google …

dang, there is! I gotta drive a chopper one of these days.

Anywho … we decided that since we had been defeating him easily enough already, we would try it with one tower up. No problem, our first hard mode, cleared! Which tower did we leave up? Umm … I dunno. The back left one, whichever one that is. What? I don’t ask questions, I just shoot pyrite outta the air and pick it up off the ground when we run low. I was still aiming at the things when the fight abruptly ended and the achievement popped up. First hard mode successful, go us! I got the Combustion Bracers off of him, thinking I might need the hit if I ever get a robe upgrade. For now though, I’m wearing Furious Glad bracers. Yes, even for PvE.

Ok, where was I? Got distracted by some lore. Trout, go read some WoW novels and let me finish my post!

Razorscale was downed with no problems, but XT pwned me. Not the raid, just me. Three bombs in a row and I was faceplanted hard. Fortunately, I was aoe’ing adds and wasn’t in the middle of the raid, so I didn’t blow up anyone but myself. Kologarn was easy again, although this was the first time I’ve been picked up by his arm. That was kinda cool.

A botched pull wiped us on Auriaya, but the second try was good. It’s a very hectic crazy fight, but I kinda like it. Of course, I have good reasons for liking it! You may recall that I got the Massive Wand of Holy Light off of her last time. Well, THIS TIME …. she gave me the ZOMG WTF EPIC?!?! Trinket of Arcane Mage Pwning …. and Arioch will approve wholeheartedly, as it happens to be on proc, rather than on use. Yeah, I’m as lazy as she is when it comes to having to actually pop something. I’ve already got AP, Mirror Image, and IV to pop … I don’t need trinkets, too. She drops a pretty nice robe, too … maybe next time …

Hodir .. pwned us hard like he did last time. But this time we got there early enough to have several tries at him. The last try he’s going, he’s going, he’s almost there! …. we’re dead. Or so I think. While we’re all releasing and coming back in, we realize that The Greatest Priest Ever managed to finish him off. Hurray! So yeah, it was ugly and there’s no guarantee that we’ll get him next time, but he still can be crossed off the list. (I don’t think I will EVER get used to Fiak not being undead … it just does not compute)

We made one visit to Thorim (omg I really got to see the In The Mountains speech! for real!! Like, not in a video!!!) which predictably ended quickly, and then called it. We are planning to extend for next week though, which should be very exciting, as this will be completely new content for .. well, almost all of us I would guess.

Back to town and then it was time to drop a bunch of hit, thanks to the Trinket of Awesomeness. I bought a Reckless Ametrine to replace the hit gem in my pants … took one look at the pants and was all like ‘oh no, these are sooooo last week. They must go’ … I think they were from regular ToC, they were iLevel 200. So I trotted my butt over to the EoC quartermaster and plunked down some badges for the iLevel 226 hotpants. Yeah, much better. I mean really, if I’m gonna put a 175g gem in them, they better damn well not be something that should have been replaced like, yesterday. I’d just be wasting the gem.

That Race Change Thing

Yeah, so I know you all want an update on Katia, since I said I was gonna do it. So, here it is … she is now Kalyon. And despite what the FAQ said, (s)he was not teleported to his new racial capital upon changing. I logged out of Katia, changed her over, and when I logged back in, Kaly appeared right where Katia had been, standing on The Dude’s rug in the Fjord.


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7 Responses to “Hard Mode – Engage!”

  1. repgrind Says:

    I have a tauren and a bunch of trolls and a night elf…and a couple blood elves…and an undead. :P

    It’s not, it’s a small little thing and I have to watch for it, so .. I might have to figure out how to make an alert for it. But .. not right now. Right now I’m busy respeccing into that Arcane Shatter pvp spec Rip was talking about.

  2. Eldadres Says:

    Oh see, when I was throwing names out there I thought you were making her a Human Female.

    My bad! :(

  3. repgrind Says:

    Ewwww. No, no macarena and jokes about shopping. No!

  4. Randul the Dwarf Says:

    I prefer on-use trinkets. I like the control. Burn phase? Pop trinket. Heroism in 5 seconds? Ready to pop that trinket. Plus, trinkets are off the global cooldown (at least my defensive ones are) so you can macro them to one of your class cooldowns and make it even more brainless.

    My ZOMG I’m going to die!!!!!!!!! macro involves both trinkets, shield block, last stand & shield wall. All at the push of one button.

  5. repgrind Says:

    To be honest, my real preference is to have one of each, so that I have one to pop when I need it, and one to do things as it pleases. But I haven’t been 80 on this toon long enough to have a full collection yet….I think I only have two extras (maybe three) hanging out in the bank now. Somehow, everything I’ve picked up has been on-proc.

  6. Troutwort Says:

    /sigh I miss your dancing hooves Katia. But I do love this fancy facial hair. Magical.

    Floy might get a “re-genderization” if I finally start working on her as a priority.

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