Those Wacky Winterfins

Karius had many adventures last night on the way to 71.  Plans were to hook up with Kittykat and do some questing together as he finished up Boring Tundra. Well … Kitty had some other things to do after work and was going to be late, so Karius went ahead and started without her.

I’d heard about Thassarian of course. Heck, the questline started clear back at Valiance Keep with his sister looking for him. So I’d been looking forward to actually meeting him in Northrend and seeing what he was up to. (I’d already met him previously in the Death Knight starting zone, of course.) Well, imagine my delight when Karius got to take the old boy’s charger, Dusk, out for a spin. He looks pretty good on her, eh?


Once I got to the final quest in the line, I needed help. I think I praised Opp somewhere in my last post. Well, he came to my rescue again, as Fanar the healy tree drood. The two of us headed into the (…. dangit! I know there’s a word for those floating necropol .. oh ….) necropolis. I talked to Thassarian to start it off … and Kittykat finally logs in and starts whispering me. LOL! Between that and an active guild chat, I pretty much missed the entire dialogue. Oy! I will have to repeat it on Katia and make sure I can give it my full attention.

Once that was done, I flew over to Fizzcrank to meet up with Kitty and figure out what quests we were going to do. I thought all I had left was Coldarra, when she says ‘ oh! King Mrglmrgl!’ (sorry Trout, the toon is a girl, I’m going to say she … live with it until you get her sex change done)

So we pop over to Winterfin Retreat, and before you know it, they put us to work babysitting.  What do you think, would you want this pair babysitting YOUR youngins?


 Warlock? What warlock?? Two-timing Mordune? Moi?? I don’t know what you’re talking about. /hides

Seriously, if another member of IHATEWARLOCKS ever stops by my blog, I am going to be tarred and feathered and forced to respec as boomkin.

Well, we returned the baby murlocs safely, and then came the really fun part where we get to dress up in murloc suits. This questline is a ton of fun by yourself, but really …. you HAVE to try it with someone else once. With two of you it’s absolutely EPIC.


It’s not all just standing around though … we did some dancing, too.


And some cheerleading.


And that wore us out, so we had to take a nap.


Alright, naptime’s over … let’s do it!


Once we finished that we headed to Amber Ledge so Kitty could catch up to me and be ready to start at Coldarra … but then some guildies wanted to do Direbrew, so he swapped over to Elgar and we headed there instead.

How to Heal – Make sure you use Mind Sear and … oh yeah … try to fit in a transmute in the middle of fight, too, if you can.  Here is a nice demonstration of the proper technique by Elgar.


Nothing good dropped. Boo. Back to Dalaran, and we have Wintergrasp. Hmm…Dangerously Delicious is the fishing daily. Time for Karius to complete his first one methinks. So he grabs the quest and portals into Wintergrasp. Rides over to the flight path, and sits down next to the lake, 58 minutes before the next battle…..he had only 6 minutes to spare when he finally pulled in the final Terrorfish he needed for the quest. But he got it done, and got a very special surprise in his reward bag!

Two Thunderbrew Lager please …


Ok, this is long enough .. and it was late enough when I finally went to bed. Tonight, it’s on to 72!


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6 Responses to “Those Wacky Winterfins”

  1. repgrind Says:

    Well … once at least.

    On my Horde server, Horde regularly have tenacity (yes, even now after the changes), although control seems to fluctuate pretty equally between them. It’s actually pretty evenly matched there and quite a bit of fun.

    I haven’t tried it Alliance side yet. Still 8-1/3 levels to go, although I might hop in there early to start working on honor and tokens.

  2. lagalot Says:

    alliance now looses 9 out of 10 times on winterhoof, come earn tokens 1 at a time with me!

  3. repgrind Says:

    Hahaha! I’d love to. Maybe it’s time for me to start paying attention to when it’s going on….even though I’ll be one-shotted right now. Hm … I should see about having Schubey make me the crafted level 78 blue pvp gear to start out in.

  4. For The Pie Says:

    Alliance on Winterhoof outnumber Horde 2-1, according to warcraft realms.

  5. repgrind Says:

    That doesn’t surprise me. When I’ve been out questing, it seems like all I see are other Alliance.

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